Friday, April 8, 2011

Boat of Hope!

Wednesday night, March 23rd, a team of valiant missionary minded men boarded the “Boat of Hope”, where we spent the night. We left Thursday morning at 4 a.m. from Pucallpa with almost 10 tons of supplies that were to be given out to our brethren who were victims of this winter’s fierce flooding.
This assistance comes from our kind-hearted brethren from the South Peru Union and ADRA. One hundred and ten food/water ration packages were destined for church members in Peru Projects’ zone along the upper and lower Ucayali River.
We spent three days traveling the fierce waters of the Ucayali to deliver these provisions. It was really gratifying to see the faces of our brethren who received this small help. All of them are in uncertainty as to how they will survive these subsequent months after their fields have been devastated by the flooding.
Wednesday night aboard the Boat of Hope

Pr. Aholiab

Beginning distribution

The came in their canoes to receive their rations
Unloading in Nva. Samaria
Fernando Stahl
9 de Octubre
Nvo. Paraiso
Caco Macaya
Colonia de Caco
Flooded fields
Killed banana plantation
Our team: Sergio, Pr. Aholiab, Albin, Miqueas, Carlos (taking photo)

The following church groups were benefited by this help:

1.     Miraflores
2.     Alba Castro
3.     Libertad
4.     Nueva Palestina
5.     Dos Unidos de Pachitea
6.     Nueva Alianza de Pachitea
7.     Nueva Samaria
8.     Puerto Belén
9.     Utucuro
10.  Amaquiría
11.  Colonia de Caco
12.  Caco Macaya
13.  Nueva Vida de Sheshea
14.  Nazareth de Shahuaya
15.  Nueve de Octubre
16.  Fernando Stahl
17.  Nuevo Paraíso
18.  Alfonso Ugarte
19.  Porvenir
20.  Puerto Islandia
21.  Tierra Blanca

We want to thank everyone who helped make this work possible. The team of missionaries that accompanied me was spiritually revitalized with a renewed desire to serve. 
The Boat of Hope finished its journey of hope Sunday night, March 27th.
- Pr. Aholiab

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catastrophic flooding!

Dear friends, as many of you may know, the Ucayali region of Peru is in a state of emergency as the abundant rainy season this year is causing many losses.  Many fields have been devastated by the force of the flooded rivers and people are evacuating to higher ground in these areas.



Flooded farms





OFASA, our airbase, is also suffering the results of the flood.  People from this area say that the water has never risen to the level it is currently at. Senamhi (the Peruvian weather forecasting station) predicts that the rains will continue to fall with more force throughout the month of March which means that the water will continue to rise.

I want to show you some pictures of our base right now. The water has flooded all the buildings on the shore of Lake Yarinacocha. One building has already collapsed because its concrete base has been eroded and now you can only see the roof that has fallen down to the water level.


I want to ask you to join us in prayer as the flood is affecting many people in this region. I also found out today that some of the people of San Jose (the village that borders our airbase) are trying to invade our land with the pretext that the flood has left them without homes, but it’s not true. They are already invading two other large sites that are not flooded and are trying to take advantage of the situation to take other properties and sell them for profit.  Please pray for this mission base as the enemy of souls is looking for a way to take away this land.

- Pr. Aholiab