Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mision Caleb - Youth evangelize Iparia

This year Peru Projects received the challenge to conduct a Misión Caleb program in our territory. (Note: Misión Caleb is a special program where young lay people - Caleb’s – go conduct missionary campaign and civil service in a community where there is no Adventist presence) All the preparations were made for an April program so we could take advantage of Holy Week (Easter – when all churches have special week long programs).

We chose the community of Iparía, which is the capital of its district with the same name. Because the evangelistic work has been absent here for years we have returned to revive our message through a 10-day campaign by the Caleb’s. During these ten days the inhabitants of Iparía received messages of hope and were called to make the best decision of their lives.

Seven consecrated young people left Pucallpa Wednesday, the 13th of April, for Iparía on the public launch Cesar. Several young people also left Amaquiría for Iparía at the same time. They all arrived Thursday and immediately began fixing up the badly dilapidated chapel and going door to door to hand out invitations for the nightly meetings which were to begin the coming Sunday.

On Sabbath we held a consecration program and the chapel was filled with several visitors. Sunday we held a community outreach day where we painted parts of the plaza and cut the grass and weeds along the perimeter of the medical post. We also participated in the civic ceremony of raising the national flag in front of the municipal building.

Aner Ruiz and Pr. Aholiab on the way to Iparia
Unloading all the luggage and equipment
Finding their living quarters
Beginning the extensive repairs
Mowing the lawn

The team that mowed the Clinics lawn
Almost finished
Mission complete!
Preparing to receive the Sabbath
Sunday: civic work, painting the plaza

Decorating committee

Sunday afternoon we all headed to the airport to meet our evening evangelist, Pr. Heyssen Cordero of the MOP, via Peru Projects airplane.

With his arrival the decorating committee was able to begin preparing the chapel for our evening meetings, which had the central theme “Decisions”.
Pr. Heysen Cordero arriving
The Caleb 2.0 team
Minister of the Word: Pr. Heysen Cordero 

All week we took the message of Hope, that Christ would return soon and the need to make the best decision, to many families. About 70 people attended our meetings!
The Devil worked very hard to impede our plans, making it a very difficult week. He brought many obstacles with our equipment but we could also see the hand of God opening the way to solve each of these difficulties. Every morning at 5:00 a.m. the Caleb team knelt and connected with their Creator and Savior.

Inviting Iparia house by house
Visiting those showing interest
Early morning Word of power
Pr. Cordero giving the message of Hope
Giving Bible studies
Inviting the community over the public PA system
High school teachers with book "There is Still Hope"
City workers with book "There is Still Hope"

The Clinic personnel also received the book
Sabbath was a real spiritual feast! We met in the chapel for our services and even though we experienced very intense heat that day the chapel was full of people. During the Call all the people who had made their decision to surrender their lives to Jesus came forward: that day 25 people were reborn for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Misión Caleb was a real blessing for Iparía. One could see how the Holy Spirit worked on the hearts of those people who today are part of the Adventist family and are preparing to receive Jesus in the clouds of heaven.
Pr. Aholiab Lozano

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week of Prayer: The Dream the God has for Everyone"

We have had a very successful Week of Prayer with our personnel that work at our Peru Projects airbase OFASA.
Pr. José Lozano (father of our Pr. Aholiab) presented a beautiful message from the Word about God’s plan for this world and the dream He has for each of our lives using scripture from the books of Daniel and Revelation. We also worshiped the Lord through song to prepare our spirits for receiving the spiritual nourishment He had for us each day. We prayed together, lifting up the Lord with our gratitude and petitions. We enjoyed a lot of Bible study.

We ended our week with a Lord’s Supper on Friday in which we came before the Lord with foot-washing and the partaking of the emblems of the Passover Supper of the upper room.

We praise God for all that He is doing through Peru Projects, for the lives of the people that live in the jungle, and also for all those who labor within the Program. Praise God that He has given Peru Projects the necessary tools (like airplanes) with which to continue taking hope to the very remote villages in Peru. We also thank God for this week of prayer that has revitalized us to continue with our labors in the spiritual battle field.

Atte: Aholiab Lozano

Pr. PeruPojects