Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week of Prayer: The Dream the God has for Everyone"

We have had a very successful Week of Prayer with our personnel that work at our Peru Projects airbase OFASA.
Pr. José Lozano (father of our Pr. Aholiab) presented a beautiful message from the Word about God’s plan for this world and the dream He has for each of our lives using scripture from the books of Daniel and Revelation. We also worshiped the Lord through song to prepare our spirits for receiving the spiritual nourishment He had for us each day. We prayed together, lifting up the Lord with our gratitude and petitions. We enjoyed a lot of Bible study.

We ended our week with a Lord’s Supper on Friday in which we came before the Lord with foot-washing and the partaking of the emblems of the Passover Supper of the upper room.

We praise God for all that He is doing through Peru Projects, for the lives of the people that live in the jungle, and also for all those who labor within the Program. Praise God that He has given Peru Projects the necessary tools (like airplanes) with which to continue taking hope to the very remote villages in Peru. We also thank God for this week of prayer that has revitalized us to continue with our labors in the spiritual battle field.

Atte: Aholiab Lozano

Pr. PeruPojects

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